I accept that evolution (change in allele frequency over time) is a fact. I accept that the Earth is over 4 billion years old. I accept that the theory of evolution (decent from common ancestry via processes which include natural selection of variations in allele frequency) is a valid scientific theory which goes a long way to explain the diverisity of life we see on this planet. I accept these things because they are well supported by evidence from a number of scientific disciplines, such as geology, chemistry, physics and biology.

I accept that science in general and evolution in particular makes no judgement as to the existence of God. There is no conflict between evolution and God. There is no conflict between evolution and the Bible. There is a conflict between evolution and a narrow, literal interpretation of the Bible. Science has shown that such a literal interpretation of the Bible (especially concerning Earth history) is incorrect. Science has not shown that faith in the Bible is incorrect. Science has not shown that faith in God is incorrect.

Accepting that the theory of evolution is a well supported, valid scientific theory does not mean that one must reject the existence of God, nor that one must reject the basic tennets of the Bible. There is no dicotomy, i.e. that one must either believe in God and the Bible or in evolution. The existence of devout Christians who accept evolution proves such a dicotomy to be a false one.

Thus the creationism/evolution debate, for the most part, boils down to acceptance or rejection of the literal truth of the Bible in general, and Genesis in particular.

The Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance provides a very good summary of the creation/evolution issue. See also The Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies.

Combating young Earth creationist arguments

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