Below is a collection of links to sites I have found interesting. The exact context of the term "interesting" as it applies to each site is an exercise left to the reader.

A large store of information generated by the talk.origins newsgroup, defending evolution in the continuing creation/evolution debate.

No Answers in Genesis! A large collection of commentary and rebuttals directed at the Answers in Genesis Young Earth Creationism site.

The internet infidels.

The University of Ediacara:

The worlds first virtual University. Stop by for a virtual lecture. Faculty positions available on a regular basis.

Australian Skeptics

Are you?


The National Centre for Science Education. A US-based, non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting good science, and the separation of church and state, in schools.


The Institute for Creation Reseach, the flagship of 'scientific' creationism.

The Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5

(Australian mirror).

Darwin Fish. Hook yourself a Darwin fish here.

Deja News

Missed that important News post? Want to know what they are posting about you behind your back?

Botany Online

Home of the Botany Online Internet hypertextbook.


Home page.


Apple's home page.


Simply the best 3D game for the Mac.

Other People's Pages

Some pages worth a visit

Richard Harter's World A complete waste of time, effort and resources. I liked it!

Jim Lippard Skeptic extraordinare

Andrew MacRae A fellow Palaeontologist, what more can I say!

Palaeontology links

Palaeontological Association. "Pal Ass" for short. The UK-based palaeontological society

The Paleontological Society.

UC Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley Excellent site, well worth a visit.

PaleoNet The web site for the Paleonet mailing list. (UK site).

Andrew's links Andrew MacRae's links.

Trilobites An introduction to the main trilobite groups.


Journal of Paleontology.

Palaeontology The publication of the Palaeontological Association.

Geology A publication of the Geological Society of America.

Nature: The international journal of science. Find out what's in the next issue and how to get published there!

New Scientist The worlds best weekly magazine devoted to science.

The Onion Number one in news. The only web-newspaper worth reading.