The University of Ediacara

(pronounced Edi-ak-ra)

The Worlds First Virtual University

Spiritual Centre: 30o 45'S by 138o 15'E

Theoretical Centre: 0o 30'S by 91o 00'W (Darwin Volcano)

Virtual Centre:

Crest: Anomalocaris claws, crossed, rampant on a pure background.

Symbolism: Aggressive protection of the truth.

Motto: Knowledge * Wisdom * Beer.

Symbolism: The gaining of wisdom through knowledge under the influence of a really good beer.

Motto: Semper allouata

"A tree full of howler monkeys"

Symbol: The Ediacaran fossil 'sea-pen' Charnodiscus oppositus.

Symbolism; Flexibility coupled with perseverance.

Spontaneously generated by Chris Heiny

Sequenced by Seanna & Steve Watson

PCRed by Chris Nedin.

Transcripted by the t.o Howler Monkeys.

The University of Ediacara is proud to offer accreditation for fieldwork. Examples of fieldwork in New York, San Diego, Washington D.C. and Toronto.

The Faculty List

The Official University Home Page

Professor Keck's page

Professor Elsberry's page

The University Song

We are evilutionists;
Our emblem is the fossil.
We like to get in arguments,
And rant as much as possible.
Punk! Eek! Punk! Eek! Punk! Eek!
( © the Professors Watson)

The University Policy

Faculty members are ornery bastards who object to anyone getting in the
way of their beer. They are members of a club that doesn't want them, or
they it. When they speak and write as citizens or anything else with a
pulse, they shall be free from all constraints of good sense, decency, or
any obligations not set through covert negotiation and remuneration in
small bills. As persons affecting academic reputations, they shall remember
that they can bring the entire academic and especially evolutionist
community of scholars into disrepute, and that whoever does the best job in
any given month will be given an extra beer ration. They shall at all times
make reference to obscure and probably imaginary references in journals
that nobody's ever heard of and filled with obfuscatory information.
Accuracy, restraint and respect are optional extras. Since the Dean is on
extended leave of absence, every one shall attempt to speak on behalf of
the University.
(© Associate Professor Wilkins)

Last modified: Jan 15th. 1999

Background: The seal of the University of Ediacara (Copyright © 1995,1996,1997,1998 Chris Nedin). Gif courtesy of Paul Keck