This is an alphabetised, and linked, list of the fossils featured in these pages

Fossil Group Age
Anomalocaris briggsi Arthropod Lower Cambrian
Anomalocaris sp. Arthropod Lower Cambrian
Cyclomedusa davidi Cnidarian Late Neoproterozoic
Dickinsonia costata Annelid? Late Neoproterozoic
Dickinsonia rex Annelid? Late Neoproterozoic
Hsuaspis bilobata Trilobite Lower Cambrian
Isoxys communis Arthropod Lower Cambrian
Mawsonites spriggi Cnidarian? Late Neoproterozoic
Myoscolex ateles Arthropod Lower Cambrian
Naraoia sp. Trilobite Lower Cambrian
Palaeoscolex antiquus Uncertain Lower Cambrian
Parvancorina minchami Arthropod? Late Neoproterozoic
Redlichia takooensis Trilobite Lower Cambrian
Spriggina floundersi Arthropod? Late Neoproterozoic
Tribrachidium heraldicum Uncertain Late Neoproterozoic
Wiwaxia sp. Annelid/Mollusc Lower Cambrian